Genesis Theatre Schools


Singing is taught to all who attend GENESIS THEATRE SCHOOLS. Everyone CAN sing!

In the sessions we address posture, breathing, support, vocal projection, diction, expressing and acting through song lyrics with face and body, vocal tone, microphone technique, as well as the fundamentals in singing; pitch recognition, rhythm, harmony and counterpoint.

All three voices; head, chest and mixed are worked on with every pupil until their individual singing potential is realised and a consistent, supported sound is produced throughout the full range.

Repertoire covered is very diverse including Music Theatre, pop/rock ballad, folk, cabaret, with a huge amount of original songs written specifically for the groups and soloists we have in each school.

Solo singing is encouraged for all.

The opportunity to work towards and enter for LAMDA Music Theatre exams is also there for those who are keen.

We have a strong GENESIS CHOIR which regularly perform at an array of different events.