Genesis Theatre Schools

LAMDA Tuition

LAMDA tuition as part of Genesis Theatre Schools

LAMDA tuition and working towards exams in speech and drama is encouraged for all who attend Genesis Theatre Schools from age 5 to 18 years.

These sessions are predominantly run by Sara Charles alongside the Drama tutors at genesis. Sara also coaches, privately and in schools, LAMDA and vocal and physical confidence classes to all ages from 4 through to adulthood.

Genesis staff have been involved in every aspect of Performing Arts for over 20 years and now more than ever we realise the need and benefits of having these vital skills of clear enunciation, strong vocal projection, correct posture, breathing and physical confidence, high self esteemĀ  and understanding of the written and spoken word ( the list is endless ); skills which are accomplished by all ages in our experience through the tuition we offer.

In an image driven society where bullying is rife and competition is higher than ever, every child should have all the help needed to increase their chances for a strong future.

We have an extremely high success rate and most Genesis pupils achieve distinction in their LAMDA exams; even those who could initially hardly enunciate or speak with any projection at

all. Although it is good to have these qualifications from an age as young as 5, exams are not necessary; the training leading up to the exam is what shapes the child and makes the difference. We also coach in schools for festivals, covering poetry and reading entries and class group poem entries with many a 1st prize won each year.

Children become different creatures, full of new found self confidence, energy and focus; able to express themselves fully vocally and physically. They can then apply this to all sides of their life, heightening their social status in the classroom and playground. This especially helps in times of nerves or vulnerability. Nervous habits, fidgeting and more serious issues are overcome or greatly diminished; also use of face, eyes and body language is developed for maximum effect and more successful communicating. The results are amazing.

In a world of texting and emailing, the power of the spoken word and how to use and express with it, is one of the best tools or gifts we can give the young people of today.

LAMDA exams also give recognised UCAS points now towards further education.